Benefits and Fees

MDPAC Membership Benefits and Fees
  Clinical Clinical
Certificant* Mentor* Honorary Associate Student Inactive
Membership Fee Oct. 1 - Sept. 1 275.00 275.00 275.00 275.00   175.00 10.00 80.00
Membership Fee Apr. 1 - Sept. 1 137.50 137.50 137.50 137.50   87.50 10.00 80.00
Newsletter, Other Publications
Membership Directory      
Inclusion in Directory        
Listserv Access    
Reduced Fees for GPPA courses and conference  
Vote, Hold Office        
Serve on Committees      
Use of CGPP designation              
Use of MGPP designation              
In Ontario, tracking educational credits for the CPSO          

MDPAC Membership Benefits

Annual Conference

The Annual MDPAC Conference offers introductory and advanced workshops, as well as formal and informal sessions and activities, that provide opportunities to learn and share valuable experiences with experts and peers. More information is posted on the Conferences page.


Published quarterly, it carries news regarding the Association and articles of general interest to the membership.


Online collegial communication among community members on topics pertinent to our profession. Topics include: clinical cases, therapeutic and theoretical issues, educational notices, medical or MDPAC politics and economics, medical psychotherapy and College issues. Accessible only to members; moderator authorization is required.

Membership Directory

Available only to members, this confidential directory enables members to contact one another for consultation and support.