GP Psychotherapy Supervision

Supervision is an interactive process that focuses on the specific learning needs of the physician. The MDPAC considers supervision to be indispensable not only in psychotherapy training, but also in the maintenance of competence for physicians practicing psychotherapy. It is also essential in monitoring for countertransference phenomena and therapeutic impasse, which are regular occurrences in a psychotherapy practice.

There are two models of supervision: Individual and Group.



A training course developed and offered by the MDPAC to Certificant and Mentor members of the Association (or equivalent - individual consideration given to Clinical members and non-member physicians). This course teaches basic principles in providing medical psychotherapy supervision. It consists of six modules - 9 credit hours each, and runs over 18 months.

The course will start when we have a full complement of registrants. Several dates are planned. Please contact the MDPAC office for more information about start dates.