Individual Supervision

Mentor members of the MDPAC, teachers of Medical Psychotherapy Basic Skills Core Curriculum Course , and participants in the Training Program for Supervisors of GP Psychotherapy offer one-on-one supervision services to MDPAC members. The supervisor and the supervisee enter into a private arrangement, wherein the frequency of supervision sessions (regular vs prn), the modality of interaction (face-to-face, phone, email, instant messaging), and the supervision fee are negotiated privately between them, in a manner that best suits both.

A supervisor providing clinical advice to a supervisee is carrying out "medical/professional work", and is therefore fully covered by the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). The MDPAC is not liable for the supervisory activities of its members.

If you are a MDPAC member looking for a supervisor in medical psychotherapy, contact any of the following supervisors directly.

Location Supervisors Contact Information
Toronto, ON West Jagpreet Arora , BA, MD, CCFP

(416) 762-0299

Toronto,ON Midtown Joan Barr, MD, MGPP1 416-929-4587
Toronto,ON Downtown Michael Cord, MD, MGPP1 416-924-4814
Toronto,ON Midtown Derek Davidson, MD, MGPP2, FRCPC 416 229 2399 ext 231
Toronto, ON Midtown (CBT) Mel Goodman, MD, CCFP, MGPP1 (416) 789-5331
Leamington,ON David Murphy, MBChB, CRCPC, DABA, CGPP2

(226) 773-2811

Toronto,ON Downtown Michael Pare, MD, MSc(Neuro), BSc (Psychology) MGPP1 416-229-2399 X120
Owen Sound,ON Victoria Winterton, MD, FCFP, MGPP1 519-372-2511

1Mentor GP psychotherapist

2Certificant GP psychotherapist

GPPA members who would like their supervision group listed, email us with complete details for consideration.